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The Sequencing Core Facility of National Yang Ming University Genome Center (YMGC) has participated in large-scale human genome sequencing and has contributed 12Mbp human genome sequences to the international Human Genome Project (HGP). This contribution is acknowledged by HGP in its scientific publication in Nature (Feb. 15th, 2001).YMGC is also a member of the international consortium for the sequencing of chimpanzee genome and jointly publishes the works on Human-Chimpanzee clone mapping in Science (2002;295:131-4) and chimpanzee chromosome 22 sequencing in Nature (2004;429:382-8). In addition, YMGC has completed the whole genome sequencing of a local pathogenic microbial genome (about 5Mbp), Vibrio vulnificus, in collaborations with National Cheng-Kung University and National Health Research Institutes (NHRI).This is the first complete genome of a living organism sequenced by the scientific community of Taiwan and this research result is published in Genome Research (2003;13:2577-87).

Currently, this core facility has a daily sequencing capacity of 5,000 samples with PhredQ20 > 500 bp. This sequencing capacity enables a 50 Mbp genome (e.g. a fungus genome) to be sequenced with 10 fold of genome coverage in one year while for a bacterial genome with 5 Mbp this could be accomplished in 4 months.




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