Sequencing Core Facility
National Core Facility Program for Biotechnology


Service Information


Detailed information for a service can be reached at is a user-friendly website that provides on-line monitoring the qualidy of a sequencing plate as until as retrieving a sequencing data in fasta format.


  1. Apply an account and password (contact person: Dr. Tze Tze Liu Tel: 02-28267318 / 28267319)
  2. Log in at here
  3. Click¡uProgress Info¡vto list the sequencing plates.
  4. Click the sample No. for accessing a sequencing plates.
  5. Choose a plate to set the sequencing quality and read length for each sample.Click¡©on fasta¡ªto set the sequences in fasta format.
  6. Click Log out to quit from system.


Operated by YMU YMGC / Sequencing Core Facility
Tel : +886-2-2826-7319
Fax: +886-2-2820-0552
Updated: 2015-04-10